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The Boutique is a hidden gem in the Auckland CBD. Located just off Victoria Street West, it's actually in Victoria Square - right behind Sports and Supplements and directly opposite Glengarry Wines on Wellesley Street West.


TV Appearance (Maori Television; Mataora)











Chiropractor Alyshia Ripia degree at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.


Massage Therapist : Miss. Sharon Heo,

Miss Hee Yun,

Ms. SeungEun Lee



Ted Zhang, PhD, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Senior Lecturer, Clinic Supervisor.

Working as the Acting Master Programme Director, Senior Lecturer, Clinic Supervisor in New Zealand School of Acpuncture and TCM(NZSATCM) keeps him up to date with his medical knowledge. lthough he looks young, he has studied and practiced Chinese medicine especially in the reproductive system medicine for at least 15 years. He got his PhD from one of the leading TCM Universities in China, Supervised by famous professor Songping Luo, an authority on gynecology in China.


Acupuncturist Hera Choi studies from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and TCM (NZSATCM).  She also has been studies on the Korea eight body constitution. She has deep knowledge and understanding of Korea and Chinese Medicine. She had lived in China for about 4 years in GuangZhou. She is member of NZRA.

  • ACC provider
  • BHSc Acupuncture in New Zealand
  • Dip of Herbal Medicine in New Zealand
  • Certi of Su Jok in New Zealand
  • Dip of travel in Korea



Manager, John Yoon graduated from Han Yang University in Korea and he has the pilot license from Ardmore Flying School in New Zealand.

John is member of eight body constitution in Korea. He has deep knowledge of the person’s body constitution to diagnosis and able to provide proper treatment of it such as diet and lifestyle. That is what he has been looking for balance of body with chemical free.

He had lived in Japan 4 years and lived in China about 4 years for a business, and had travel many countries. He loves to help people.


  • BHSc Chemical engineer in HanYang Uni in Korea.
  • Japanese language course in Tokyo
  • Pilot license from Ardmore Flying School in New Zealand
  • Chinese language course in Zhong San Uni in Guang Zhou
  • Member of Eight body constitution in Korea