Welcome to The Boutique Clinic

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The best health spa and chiropractic service in the Auckland CBD is handily placed for Ponsonby and St Mary’s Bay.


Situated on Victoria Street West, The Boutique is a stone’s throw from Victoria Park Market.

Our personalized boutique health services are tailored made for busy lifestyles.


From acupuncture and chiropractic through to rejuvenation and beauty therapy, The Boutique is your place of tranquility and treatment when life starts ganging up on you.


Back pain? Pinched nerve? Painful joints? Call us and ask how a chiropractic session could ease your suffering.


High blood pressure? Insomnia? Migraines? Call us and ask how acupuncture could bring you relief.


Worried about acne scarring, stretch marks or fine-line wrinkles? Call us and ask how AMTS could smooth it away.


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